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Restoration of Lower Blepharoplasty


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Restoration of Epicanthoplasty
Restoration of Lower Blepharoplasty

The cause of the restoration of lower blepharoplasty

01.If not satisfied with the result

Procedure when the result is not satisfied

Mostly happens because of the fat coming out. Only fat removed through the conjunctiva or restoration of lower blepharoplasty can solved most of these problems.

Remove & transconjunctival fat transportation for eyebag

Restoration of blepharoplasty

Center Face Region serratus: When having restoration of lower blepharoplasty, Center Face Region serratus should be done to lower the restoring possibility.

02.If Involution of Lower blepharoplasty occur

What is Involution of Lower blepharoplasty?

This is when the below eyelid is flipped and the below area of the black pupil’s white of the eye and the conjunctiva is shown too much. For this symptoms, not good appearance for social life, eye cold & hyperemia, and eye itching when soap goes into the eyes while washing.

Method of fixing Involution of Lower blepharoplasty

Loosening enough and removing the excessive scar.

Fixing the bone with the lower blepharoplasty and the orbital margin.

Artificial skin is used according to the case.

※ Involution of Lower blepharoplasty fixing procedure is a high level required procedure. The procedure must be done from the plastic surgery specialist who has enough experience in eye surgery.

Before & After of estoration of lower blepharoplasty


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.