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Hawk nose


What is hawk nose?

The hawk nose means when the bridge of the nose is not smooth and the center area is popped out.
Mostly the nose bone and the cartilage’s too much growing is the cause and also if the nose tip is short and the bridge
of the nose is projected.
Hawk nose doesn’t look fancy and gives strong impression.
When making the short nose high, a lot of people fix this part as a lot of side effects may be caused.

If the bridge of the nose to projected swollen

If you have strong impression

If seen from the side, the bridge of the nose’s line is not smooth

If the bridge of the nose is wide and well-rounded

※ when making the low nose higher, even small hawk nose should be fixed*

Point of Hawk nose!

1) Finding the exact cause and fixing each.

Cause of the hawk nose projected has to be found exactly.

A) When the nose is high and the center is projected, that area will be reduced.

B) When the hawk nose is removed if the nose is already short, the nose will become more short. Augmentation has to go together.

C) When some part of the nose is low and the bridge of the nose is seen embossed, the nose will be made high and the shape will be made partially.

2) The surgery method will be different depending on the amount of projecting.

A) If the bridge of the nose’s projected amount is slight, polishing the projected are will help fixing.

B) If the degree of bumps is too high, holes can be left in the roof like a perforated roof after humpectomy.
Because filling this space well is important for nasal shape and health, determine the height of the hump nose to remove before surgery and examine the inside carefully during surgery. If necessary, It proceed with lateral osteotomy, spreader graft.

3) Not only the projected nose bone but also the cartilage should be polished for no relapse.

When touching the hawk nose, it feels sold and thinks nose bone should only be fixed. But most cases, the cartilage are the cause.
Even fixing the bone, if the swelled cartilage is left, there are chances of relapse as time passes.
The cause of the hawk nose; bone and the cartilage should all be fixed.

moment removing the projected cartilage

4) If the hawk is very big or the nose is bent, will be fixed with neat plan.

If the nose is bent and have hawk nose, removing the hawk and the bent nose fixing should be held together.
Depending on the bent amount, the hawk nose removal method should be differing.

The method of the hawk nose

Types of cases of hawk nose


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.