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Revision Rhinoplasty


What is revision rhinoplasty?

The cause of the revision rhinoplasty has various reasons like, if the result is not satisfied, if the implant movement is severe,
if the nose shape has changed, if there is infection, and etc.
Revision surgery is high technique requiring surgery as the problem has to be solved and the shape has to be settled from the beginning.
It is very important to get the surgery from the plastic surgeon.

Cases of revision rhinoplasty

Time for the revision rhinoplasty

Normal revision surgeries can be held after 6months from the surgery when the inside tissue becomes smooth.
But simply making the bridge of the nose high (augmentation rhinoplasty), it is possible to get the surgery after 3months from the surgery.
If there is infection, normally the implant will be removed and checking on the infection to totally calm down will be done before the revision surgery.

StC Revision rhinoplasty

To get the ideal shape of the nose, inside supporting structure and the outside surface which is covering is important.
For this reason, nose surgery method is held changing the shape of the inside &
outside of the shape. Especially, revision rhinoplasty will go through 3 mandatory things.
First of all, loosening the previous surgery area and changing the shape which is supporting the inside to the shape you want.
After this, it should be covered with enough outside skin.
But if the nose became hard and solid due to the construct, these 3 processes can’t be held.
So you will have to wait for more than 6months for the nose to become smooth.
The stc treatment is using its own stc to regenerate capability of the tissue to improve the surgery result and also forward the revision rhinoplasty time.

StC’s effect

Proofed regenerating
cell tissue effect

The stc is already proofed from various areas in cell treatment field and it is used to chronic scar treatment.
The nose is also the same. From the research which was comparing about the nose which became solid;
saline solution injection, fat transplantation, stc treatment; transplanting stc will improve the skin change
and improve the soft tissue structure.
The nose which became solid; saline solution injection, fat transplantation, stc treatment

The period of fast
revision surgery

Through the tissue recycling effect, fat stc will quickly make the solid tissue to smooth tissue.
So there is no need to wait 6months with your changed nose.
Through the 1 month stc treatment, you can have revision surgery quickly and possible.

Result of the improved and
maintained revision surgery

Even the inside supporting structure is improved and the pretty nose shape is made,
if the skin doesn’t have enough space, it will push the inside area and there will be nose shape change with relapse.
The recycled skin tissue used through the stc will give healthy elasticity, will not change the inside tissue,
and improve the nose shape.

Case of revisional rhinoplasty

In case revisional rhinoplasty is required

Case of the movement of the implant


Contracture is when you have infection after the nose surgery and leave it as it becomes solid and contracts.
If not having the right treatment, the nose will become short and stiff.

Surgery method

Contracture is when you have infection after the nose surgery and leave it as it becomes solid and contracts.
If not having the right treatment, the nose will become short and stiff.

Case of contracture on the nose tip


Contracture is when you have infection after the nose surgery and leave it as it becomes solid and contracts.
If not having the right treatment, the nose will become short and stiff.

Surgery method

The implant causing the infection will be removed. After this, the lowered bridge of the nose will be made higher
by using the own tissue which is strong to infection and the new implant will be used to fix. Shorten nose will
be improved with the cartilage septi nasi and the nose tip will be improved and relocated with the costal cartilage.

Case of nose tip change due to the “L” shape silicone


If the L shape silicone is placed at the end of the nose tip, it will harm the nose tip skin and come out with
the skin damage. If it is severe, the implant can come outside and other problem will occur.

Surgery method

Removing the L shape silicone and fixing the bridge of the nose and the nose tip.
Implant will be inserted into the bridge of the nose and own tissue will be replaced to the nose tip.

Case of nose shape not fitting the face because of the wrong surgery plan


You can have an awkward feeling and shape if the middle of the forehead is made too high or
if the nose tip is made too sharp.

Surgery method

It is important to design which fits your face. After this, fixing the height and the location of the bridge of the nose,
completing the nose tip which is naturally continued to the bridge of the nose.

Case of the paraffin injection used during the surgery


Materials like liquid silicone, paraffin, Vaseline injection can penetrate inside the nose tissue and cause infection effect.
Infected nose will become solid and uneven as time passes.

Surgery method

Even the surgery is hard, the infected lump should be totally removed and filled with the own tissue
to guarantee long and safe result.

If there is allergy with the surgery materials


This is rare but after the augmentation rhinoplasty, if the pouring continues and water filled in the nose happens,
you have to think about allergy.

Surgery method

It is hard to prevent and predict about the allergy before the surgery. If the symptom occurs,
the material used for the surgery will be removed and other material and the own cartilage will be replaced.

The point of Graceonyoung Revision rhinoplasty!

1) Using the self tissue

As it is revision surgery, there are high chance of infection and change of the shape if artificial implant is used.
So, cartilage of nasal septum, cartilage, costicartilage, dermal fat, and self cartilage using is better.



C.cartilage of nasal septum

C.dermal fat

2) Saving the own tissue as much as possible

Enough desquamation but minimizing the removal of tissue to go back to the before surgery status is the starting point of the revision surgery.
After this, the beautiful nose will be made by shape fixing.
At Graceonyoung, minimizing the tissue’s damage and reducing the operation time,
we will not only make the nose shape natural but also for you to maintain the shape of the nose for a long time.

3) Accurately identify the cause of revisional rhinoplasty, and then Make the surgical plan and correct.

The revisional rhinoplasty is highly sensitive to the customer and relatively difficult for the medical team.
In order to achieve a high level of reimprovement, it is important to understand exactly
what caused the failure of the prior operation.

The method of the hawk nose

01 There will be little pouring for 2~4days after the surgery but it will calm down through 2~4weeks.

02 Blood can be gathered beneath the nose and also nasal discharge will flow as it is natural thing.
Try using a clean gauze or tissue and slightly wipe and make sure the tissue or the gauze doesn’t go inside the nose.

03 To reduce edema, try to sit down for 3 days in the morning time and when lying down,
try to put your head upper than the heart.

04 The splint which is on the outside area of the nose should not be taken out for a week.

05 Avoid putting pressure on the nose, picking nose or blowing nose

06 ATry not to wear glasses for a month and try not to get external injury on the nose.

07 Avoid bath, sauna, and hot spa for a month.

08 Avoid drinking and smoking for a month.


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.