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Revision Aug. Mammoplasty


No second failure, Revision Aug. Mammoplasty

It is talking about the secondary surgery after some problems occur with the first breast surgery.
This is processed when the shape of the breast is not satisfied, capsular contracture, dissymmetry, unavoidable implant replacement is needed. Revision Aug. Mammoplasty is complicated and hard surgery, so doctor with enough experience has to process to make the surgery successful.

Needs for the Revision Aug. Mammoplasty

  • Capsular contracture
  • Unsatisfied with the shape and the size
  • Modify of double balloon
  • Modify of snoopy
  • Damage of the implant & replacement needed due to the modify of the implant
  • Modify of the movement
  • Unsatisfied of the shape & side effect after the breast fat injection
  • Side effects after injecting corpus alienum (Amazing gel, silicone, and etc)

Capsular Contracture

What is Capsular Contracture?

The most common cause of the revision aug. mammoplasty is when the thick and solid film is made and
can be touchable with pain.
(The normal film around the implant should be thin)
With neat and perfect surgeries in Graceonyoung, we are aiming 0% of capsular contracture.

  • Steps of the capsular contracture (Baker’s Classification)

1st degree Natural, and can’t feel the touch of the implant
2nd degree No problem when seen externally but breast feeling is less smooth and the implant can be felt a little
3rd degree Externally seen, solid feeling on the breast, and the implant can be touched easily
4th degree Breast becomes solid and hard, implant’s shape can be changed with pain


  • NEO-Pocket Surgery method for fixing the capsular contracture

1 To fix the capsular contracture symptom, the new space (Neo-pocket) which is covered by the solid tapetum has to be made.
The right implant will be inserted to the Neo-pocket which is covered with the smooth tissue.

  • Efforts to prevent capsular contracture

Close attention is needed to prevent the main cause of the revision surgery
(capsular contracture, prevention of germ exposure, inside blood pooling, and etc)

Preventing the implant germ exposure – Using the Keller Funnel2

01. Totally blocking the contact with the implant and the Normal flora of skin by no touching technique when inserting the implant (technique using the Keller Funnel2)

02. Two times disinfection is processed (before & after the surgery) on the surgery area and maintaining the clean operation environment.

03. For the germ inside the mammary gland not to come outside, nipple cover is used.

04. The implant pocket is cleaned with the antibiotic to maintain the asepsis status inside the body.

06. Minimizing the use of the blood pocket and preventing capsular contracture with the thorough hemostasis.

dissatisfaction of the size and the shape

If you simply want the breast to be bigger or smaller, or have sorriness about the augmentation mammoplasty (not considering about the breast drooping and the changes).

Fixing method

Possible with under deep sedation if it is simple implant replacement.
If the shape has to be improved, other type of implant will be used with the drooped breast fixing surgery.

double bubble deformity

Double bubble deformity can be occurred when the beneath line is clear or breast drooping. It is when the previous beneath line doesn’t disappear when the new beneath line is made after the breast surgery.

Fixing method

Sometimes it gets fixed by itself as time passes, but if the modify of the double bubble deformity is severe, the implant should be replaced to a smaller one or get it fixed with the revision aug. mammoplasty.

Snoopy appearance or Waterfall deformity

Phenomenon occurred when the implant is fixed beneath the muscle. As time passes, the breast tissue moves down but the implant is fixed with no movement. This will make the appearance awkward.

Fixing method

The fixing will be decided after checking the implant and the breast’s location.

  • The fixing surgery will be processed depending on the droopiness of the breast but mostly vertical incision method is used. Recently, the drooped breast can be fixed by using weaving structure thread with no long incision made.
  • If the droopiness is not severe, moving the implant’s location to up & down, or dual plane method can be used to fix (the implant can back up the drooped breast)

Damage of the implant or replacement needed due to the modify of the implant

What is implant damage?

The breast implant used for the breast surgery is approved by the FDA, but it is not permanent.
The Faom Stable breast implant which the Graceonyoung is using is safe even the outside of the implant is damaged.
This will not leak even there is damage but when the shape is changed, implant replacement maybe needed.

Modify of movement

When the implant’s shape changes when there are movement on the breast muscle or the arm movement

Fixing method

The implant placed under the muscle is changed to the upper area of the muscle.
The implant might be shown if the skin is thin, so fat injection or artificial dermis can be used to prevent the side effect.

Size dissatisfaction or side effect after the breast fat injection

Fixing method

There are some people willing for breast fat injection after hearing about the implant side effect of the breast mammoplasty.
To make the breast bigger by using the fat injection has a lot of worries about the size which they wanted.
There is variable about the fat injection’s rate of engraftment and this depends on every people.
People who have concern about this, the Graceonyoung using the implant breast surgery can solve this problem.

Side effect after injecting corpus alienum

Fixing method

There are a lot of patients who have pain after getting corpus alienum injection on the breast or filler injection which is prohibited currently.
This will make the breast solid and pain as time passes.
We the Graceonyoung is trying our best to help and give less pain to these patients.

Revision Aug. Mammoplasty Before & After

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery’s safety system

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery after care system

Graceonyoung plastic surgery is processing the systematic after care system.

>> Special Pouring treatment

For the patients to take rest after the surgery an upper moving bed is prepared
and pour preventing description will be given for the patient to minimize the pouring.
After this, through medical LED, high-frequency, ultrasonic waves,
and etc will help you recovery comfortably.

>> Zero Scar Project

Scar caused with the constitution can also be cared. After a month to 3 months from the surgery,
scar relieve injection treatment will be provided. After 6 months from the surgery,
laser treatment will be provided with no charge (5times no charge)

There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.