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RE-BORN Breast Reconstruction


Operation Info

① Tissue expander insertion ② Implant change and contralateral side correction ③ Nipple reconstruction ④ Semi-permenent Areola tattooing
Operation time 1 hour 2~3hours 50minutes 40minutes
General anesthesia General anesthesia Local anesthesia Local anesthesia
Hospitalization Discharge on same day Discharge on same day No need No need
Recovery process 1 week 1week 1week 1day
Thread removal 7days 7days 7days No need

Giving you happiness, RE-BORN Breast Reconstruction

Breast means beautiful and healthy woman. But after the breast cancer surgery,
a lot of women are having discomfort with wearing cloth and sense of loss.
The breast reconstruction requires a lot of knowhow as both of the breast has to be made the same.

Graceonyoung is the professinal hospital using the tissue expander and the tear drop implant for the breast recontruction.

From 2015, Arpil, the breast reconstruction is applied to the National Health Insurnace benefits.

Giving less pressure on the breast reconstruction to the breast cancer patients.

From 2015, Arpil 1st, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has strengthen the 4 severe disease.
From this, the breast reconstruction due to the breast cancer can get health insurance benefit. For those who had economic burden can now feel free and get the benefit.

Graceonyoung plastic surgery will execute work for National Health Insurance claim from the beginning to the end, to make sure that those patients who have undergone a breast reconstruction surgery are not bothered.

Strength of breast reconstruction


Smooth feeling

During the 2nd time surgery, instead of inserting the tear drop implant which was made by the tissue expander,
the NEOPOCKET technique will be used.

Graceonyoung REBORN NEOPOCKET surgery method

Short reconstruction period

With plenty of experience and learned knowhows,
the 2nd surgery which is inserting
the tear drop implant will be done in 3months.


Natural shape

As using the NEOPOCKET technique,
the possibility of side effect is very low.
(ex: capsular, contracture, implant movement)


Ideal shape of the nipple

After the nipple reconsturction; with the Graceonyoung’s special technique,
the shape will not change and maintain well.


Reasonable cost

As the breast reconstruction is applied to National Health Insurance fee,
less pressure about the cost.
Compared to other clinic and university hospital,
the cost of the breast surgery in Graceonyoung is reasonable.

University hospital VS Graceonyoung Plastic Surgery

VS University hospital breast recontruction Graceonyoung Plastic Surgery
cooperating system Plastic surgery, breast clinic, anesthesiologist Plastic surgery, anesthesiologist
surgery method Self tissue, implant breast reconstruction REBORN NEOPOCKET implant breast reconstruction
consulting, reservation Hospital focused reservation system patient focused reservation system
waiting time Long waiting hours short waiting hours
consulting & treatment hour Within 1 hour within 30 minutes
operation date Hospital focused reservation patient focused reservation
consultation fee Yes No

University hospital VS Grace Plastic Surgery

Tissue expander breast reconstruction
& self-tissue breast reconstruction

Tissue expander breast reconstruction Self-tissue breast reconstruction
1st operation time Short (within 2hours) Long (within 6hours)
Recovery period Short Long
Breast scar One line (the original scar) Two lines (scar coming when the belly skin is inserted inside)
Scar on other spot No Normally more than 30CM on the belly
Number of surgeries (before making the nipple) 2 times Can be more than 2 times
Cost Rational price Expensive price
Hospitalization Discharge on the same day About 7days

Tissue expander breast reconstruction
& self-tissue breast reconstruction

Surgery process of Graceonyoung’s breast reconstruction

Before & After of breast reconstruction

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery’s safety system

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery after care system

Graceonyoung plastic surgery is processing the systematic after care system.

>> Special Pouring treatment

For the patients to take rest after the surgery an upper moving bed is prepared
and pour preventing description will be given for the patient to minimize the pouring.
After this, through medical LED, high-frequency, ultrasonic waves,
and etc will help you recovery comfortably.

>> Zero Scar Project

Scar caused with the constitution can also be cared. After a month to 3 months from the surgery,
scar relieve injection treatment will be provided. After 6 months from the surgery,
laser treatment will be provided with no charge (5times no charge)

There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.