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Charming Medial Epicanthoplasty


Graceonyoung’s Medial Epicanthoplasty philosophy

One of the typical characteristics of Asians is the epicanthus which makes the eye’s gap far and stuffy feeling. If severe, false pseudomyopia and cross eye may occur. Therefore, to solve the stuffy eyes to clear feeling, Medial Epicanthoplasty is needed. Sometimes the distances between both eyes are focused too much and the lacrimal lake is shown to much to give strong impression.

The principles of Medial Epicanthoplasty which should be held at Graceonyoung

1/ Graceonyoung sets up a goal for the lacrimal lake to be shown 50~60%. (If only the distance between both eyes are focused, the lacimal lake will be show too much and give strong impression)

2/ If there are not enough space for the Medial Epicanthoplasty, we will make at least incision and try to get rid of the epicanthus.

Problems of existing Medial Epicanthiplasty

  • The front area of the eyes will look empty and the lacrimal lake skin’s thickness will disappear as they make an incision on the epicanthus’s muscle.

  • The removal of the skin is done from the outside, so the incision scar will become long.

Characteristics’ of charming medial epicanthoplasty

03 / As the epicanthus is removed
enough, you can have an effect
of upper epicanthoplasty.

01 / With the Graceonyoung’s knowhow, there will be a short scar as the skin will be removed from the fat under eyes.

02 / As there is no incision made to
the muscle, the inner part of
the eye’s lacrimal lake’s
fat-under-eye will be maintained well.

  • ① Designing the line while the skin is pulled.

  • ② Making at least incision and processing desquamation.
  • ③ Loosening the epicanthus enough.
  • ④ Removing the skin from the fat under the eyes and suture neatly

※ There are pros and cons of the procedure method.
So considering about the line you want and depending on the skin type, the appropriate procedure will be processed.

Does the epicanthus disappear after the nose & eye surgery?

Some part is correct and some part is wrong. You can see that the epicanthus disappear if you pull up your nose skin and eye skin. To give you that effect, extremely high silicone and implant should be inserted. Also the skin has extensible character and it may occur temporal medial epicanthoplasty after the nose & eye surgery but after the pouring goes away, the epicanthus will return back as it was.

Before & After pictures of
the Charming Medial Epicanthoplasty


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.