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Bulbous nose


What is Bulbous nose?

Beautiful nose tip follows the natural curvilinear form from the bridge of the nose and its width of the alar does not overpass 2/3.
But many people have big nose tip cartilage, thick skin on the nose tip, or have stubby bulbous nose.
The stubby nose can be made sharp with the right surgery method depending on the nose tip’s shape and cause.

Needs of the Graceonyoung Bulbous nose

If the nose tip is stubby

If there is a lot of skin on the nose tip and looks fat

If the alar is not wide but the nose seems to look spread-out

Point of Graceonyoung Bulbous nose!

1) Need to solve by comprehending the cause of the Bulbous nose.

If the nose cartilage is
big but spread-out

If the nose cartilage is
small and enough fat

If the nose cartilage is small and
the muscle & fascia is thick

2) Concerning about the shape and the balance of safety.

Differ with the nose surgery which is adding the inner tissue of the nose, bulbous nose has more cases of removing the inner tissue.
When inner tissue is removed, obstacle to blood circulation, bleeding, and other problems may occur.
But if removing less, the result of the surgery will be insignificant.
With enough experience in Graceonyoung; balancing enough tissue removal and suitable hemostasis,
we will give you the safe and effective bulbous nose surgery.

3) With the perfect management, we will provide the best result.

After the bulbous nose surgery; discomfort like swelling, blood salivate, obstacle
to blood circulation may occur and this will be one of the cause of relapse.
Graceonyoung’s bulbous nose surgery prevents swelling and relapse by our special treatment after the surgery.

Method of bulbous nose


If the alar cartilage which is composing the nose tip is big

If the alar cartilage’s width is large, both axis leaving 5~8MM will be remained and the other part will be removed. Sutured, and tied up.
According to the circumstances, own tissue (ear cartilage, septum cartilage, and etc) will be used to support the fixture.
Nose tip will become more high and you will have an effect of nose tip narrowing effect.


If the cartilage is arisen

If the nose tip cartilage which is located both left & right are wide and flabby, the wide area will be sutured and gathered.
After this, both nose tip cartilages distance will be narrowed and the slim nose tip will be made.

Gathering and suturing method of the wide & flabby nose tip cartilage shape

Narrowing suturing method of the arisen nose tip on both sides


If there a enough subcutaneous tissue (skin) on the nose tip

If the nose tip seems to look fat like the subcutaneous tissue is fat, the subcutaneous tissue will be removed to make the nose tip sharp.
If the nose tip is too low or making it high surgery is done together, it is better to use the self-tissue (ear cartilage, septum cartilage, and etc).

Types of cases of bulbous nose


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.