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Reduction Mammoplasty


Finding your normal life, reduction mammoplasty

There are people, who are suffering physically and psychologically because of the too big breast,
hypertrophy of breast. Physical pain on the neck and shoulder, psychological stress coming from other people’s eyes can make normal life difficult. It can also cause difficulty of correct posture and physical imbalance.

What is hypertrophy of breast?

Needs for the reduction mammoplasty

Method of the reduction mammoplasty

People who want to have reduction mammoplasty come and say “remove my breast”. This is sometimes very pitiful case. The reduction mammoplasty which the Graceonyoung is processing has a goal of making the tear drop breast safely and 3D. After the surgery the last size of the gold is set up in B or C cup.

Method of the surgery

vertical incision reduction mammoplasty

Method of the surgery

vertical incision reduction mammoplasty

The vertical incision reduction mammoplasty is making a vertical incision from the areola mammae perimeter to the lower wrinkle of the lower breast and removing the willing amount of the mammary gland tissue to shrink the drooped breast and lifting up. The reduction mammoplasty is not only decreasing the size but also making the shape look natural and maintain the shape for a long time with fewer scars. The strength of vertical incision reduction mammoplasty which is held in Graceonyoung is decreasing the breast as much as it can with fewer scars.

The incision will be made as designed and deepithelialization will be processed around the areola mammae. (supermedial dermatome will be used)

Liposuction will be processed after removing the skin beneath the areola mammae and the mammary gland tissue.

The left mammary gland tissue will be gathered and the skin will be sutured.

Both side of the areola mammae will be pulled up, minimized, and around area will be sutured. The vertical incision scar will remain but as time passes, it will be faded.

※ There are strength and weakness of each surgery depending on the person’s skin type.
Considering the line which you want should be chosen and processed.

Strength of vertical incision reduction mammoplasty

Before & After of reduction mammoplasty

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery’s safety system

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery after care system

Graceonyoung plastic surgery is processing the systematic after care system.

>> Special Pouring treatment

For the patients to take rest after the surgery an upper moving bed is prepared
and pour preventing description will be given for the patient to minimize the pouring.
After this, through medical LED, high-frequency, ultrasonic waves,
and etc will help you recovery comfortably.

>> Zero Scar Project

Scar caused with the constitution can also be cared. After a month to 3 months from the surgery,
scar relieve injection treatment will be provided. After 6 months from the surgery,
laser treatment will be provided with no charge (5times no charge)

There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.