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Fitting Nose Surgery


What is the Fitting nose surgery?

Fitting nose surgery is the Graceonyoung’s own brand which will make the nose shape beautiful and sophisticated.
Using the own cartilage for the nose tip surgery and the implant / augmentation rhinoplasty using the own cartilage will be processed.
Even it is a common surgery making the bridge of the nose and the nose tip higher, you have to make sure to check neatly about the side effect.

nose tip
augmentation rhinoplasty

Point of Graceonyoung Fitting Nose Surgery!

1) Own cartilage should be used for the nose tip surgery.

If the nose tip is made with the “L” shape silicone or the Medpor artificial implant, there will be skin damage,
infection, translation of the cartilage and other side effects may occur.

2) Must choose the exact nose tip fixing method.

The nose tip is composed of skin, soft tissue, cartilage, and etc.
From among these, choosing the right method and finding the cause of the stubby and the low nose tip is needed.

3) Using the customized implant for the bridge of the nose.

Not using the ready-made goods implant, the medical team will cut and make the implant by checking on each one’s nose status.

4) The shape should remain well.

If you have exostosis or crooked implant is inserted, the implant will be more bent as time passes.
Also, when the septum is removed too much, the shape of the nose will change.
Not simply making the nose high, but also surgery must be held on what to be fixed and what to be saved.

5) With your perfect infection control, you can now feel relieved of infection after the surgery.

Graceonyoung nose tip

Korean people and also Asians have thick soft-tissue on the skin and small cartilage which is supporting the nose tip with gape.
That is why there are many cases of nose tip stubby. Nose tip surgery is the surgery to fix this problem.

Graceonyoung’s Grafting Extension of Nasal Septum

In nose tip surgery; there are suturing method which is fixing
the nose cartilage shape, grafting extension of nasal septum which
maintains the nose tip’s height you want, and cartilage transplanting
which sets up the nose tip’s shape.
Out of this, low nose tip with short nose length which Asians have need
the grafting extension of nasal septum.
Grafting extension of nasal septum’s result may be different as t
he transplanting material is different. In Graceonyoung, we do not use the solid
feeling septum and instead we use the soft ear cartilage to fulfill
the shape and the touch after the surgery.


Graceonyoung Augmentation Rhinoplasty

If the nose bone and the nose cartilage are small and the bridge of the nose looks low, implant or self tissue will be used.
May look simple but there can be side effects when not considering the nose function and only to improve the nose shape.
Also if one implant is lengthened and transplanted to higher the nose, the shape will look awkward.

If transplanted with different implant on the nose tip and
the bridge of the nose
Natural and beautiful nose will be completed.

If one implant is used on the nose tip and
the bridge of the nose
high chance of relapse and unnatural of the nose shape.

Types of the Fitting nose cases
(nose tip + augmentation rhinoplasty)


There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.