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Drooped breast lifting


Finding your breast elasticity with the drooped breast lifting

The reason of drooped breast

As time passes, drooping breast is natural but to women, it is one of the elements which disturb their beauty. Besides the natural drooping, weight change, pregnancy, removing the inserted implant, and etc, the cooper’s ligament which is supporting the breast elasticity can be stretched.

Drooped breast self diagnosis

Look in the mirror and identify the position of your nipple and inframammary fold.

Needs for the drooped breast lifting

  • If the volume of the breast is less and drooped a lot
  • If there is dramatically change due to pregnancy, giving birth, and etc
  • If the breast elasticity is weak due to the aging
  • If discomfort is felt during normal life and skin trouble due to the drooped breast

Method of drooped breast lifting

For the drooped breast fixing, the amount of the droopiness and the size of the breast considering and deciding properly will give the best and satisfied result.

Case 1. When the breast size is small and slight droop

Mostly happens while pregnancy and after breast-feeding. This case, augmentation mammoplasty (magic peach or tear drop) can be processed to the double flat technique and be solved.

MAGIC PEACH Breast Surgery +

Tear Drop Breast Surgery +

MAGIC PEACH Breast Surgery +

Tear Drop Breast Surgery +

Case 2. When the size of the breast is small and drooping is severe

This case, you have basically low elasticity on the breast and can happen after giving birth, breast-feeding, or too much diet.

Surgery method slight scar incision around the areola + augmentation mammplasty

Through the incision made on the skin around the areola, it will move the nipple and the areola up. For the people who want lifting, this method is used. (The stretchiness of the skin is slight

Surgery method vertical incision + augmentation mammoplasty

Making an incision around the nipple and through the nipple, the nipple and the areola will be moved up. The breast skin under the nipple will be tightened for the nipple not to come down. Women who have worries of drooped breast need this surgery.

Case 3. When the breast size is big and drooping is severe

Through reduction mammoplasty, it can be mostly solved.

Reduction Mammoplasty +

Case 4. Drooped breast fixing surgery using thread Weaving structure

Slightly drooped breast or drooped breast after the augmentation mammoplsaty, the thread with Weaving structure can be simply solved.

Before & After of drooped breast lifting

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery’s safety system

Graceonyoung Breast Surgery after care system

Graceonyoung plastic surgery is processing the systematic after care system.

>> Special Pouring treatment

For the patients to take rest after the surgery an upper moving bed is prepared
and pour preventing description will be given for the patient to minimize the pouring.
After this, through medical LED, high-frequency, ultrasonic waves,
and etc will help you recovery comfortably.

>> Zero Scar Project

Scar caused with the constitution can also be cared. After a month to 3 months from the surgery,
scar relieve injection treatment will be provided. After 6 months from the surgery,
laser treatment will be provided with no charge (5times no charge)

There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.