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360° degree liposuction


What is 360degree liposuction?

The cause of the overweight can be divided into two, if the fat cell is a lot and if the fat cell is big. If we think and divide into each period, the fat cell increases during adolescence. After that period, only the size of the fat cell changes.

Common diet which most people do is decreasing the size of the fat cell.
Liposuction will give more effect to decrease the number of the fat cell to people, who are doing the hard food control and exercise.
In Graceonyoung Plastic Surgery, we are not only doing common liposuction, we are completing the slim body by checking 360 degrees of the body and calculating the amount to be taken out. With this designing, no worries of skin drooping and uneven skin.

Needs for Graceonyoung’s 360degree liposuction

Generally, if there are too much body fat inside the body

If weight is not lost from exercise

If you want to remove the skin which cannot be
removed from exercise

If wartnted to get smooth body as it is not smooth
due to the fat

Procedure area of 360 degree liposuction

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes

Face (cheek & double chin)

It is hard to remove a lot of fat but if there is more fat compared to
the face’s frame, it can give more effect. Not only the side chin will occur
but also the separation of the neck and chin will be more cleared and
will have the lifting effect. In Grace Plastic Surgery,
we make more satisfaction by processing the accusculpt together.

Recommending for these people

  • Face which looks big due to the falling skin elasticity
  • Face which V-line can be earned
  • Face which show to much oldness

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes


Thick and fatty arms will make the body look fatter but think arms
will make the body slimmer. Liposuction is the area which can make
and give more dramatic result. The ground rule is not to make the
arm’s fat droop. For this, 30%of the arm’s circumference will be
left and 70% of the arm’s circumference fat will be removed.

Recommending for these people

  • If you want slim line and outstanding effect
  • If the arm’s size doesn’t decrease with diet & exercise
  • If you don’t have confidence of wearing sleeveless
    shirt during summer

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes

Armpit / Back

Armpit and the back are composed of hard and detailed
fiber which has enough fat cell. If the fat is accumulated
once, it becomes hard to get rid of the part. For armpit,
we have to consider about the accessory breast. Also the
fat and cellulite has to be removed as much as possible
to make the line smooth with no curve.

Recommending for these people

  • If you want smooth back while wearing tight cloth
  • If not decreasing with diet or exercise
  • If you have uneven skin which makes you less attractive
  • Skin which is shown and popped out while
    wearing sleeveless shirt

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes

Abdomen & Flank

The abdomen is the area which can be easily gained but also
hard to lose. For this reason, abdomen liposuction is very
attractive for patients to feel more satisfaction. As it is
large and flat, we have to leave some amount of subcutaneous
fat to make it equal and make it smoother.
And this is the main point.

Recommending for these people

  • Belly fat popped out when sitting
  • If the belly is popped out because of more subcutaneous fat
    than visceral fat
  • If you can make abs evaen you exercise

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes


The thigh fat which makes it look lower body obesity
is hard to expect from diet, food control, or exercise
as the thigh fat is hard and delicate. As much, it can
give more effect from the liposuction. Mostly beneath
wrinkle from the butt and thigh line coming from
the butt to the knee will be made smooth and soft.

Recommending for these people

  • If you have more skin on the lower body than the upper body
  • If you want to remove the cellulite on the thigh
  • If you want long and slim body line
  • If the legs get muscle and become thick even
    you exercise the legs

Operation time

1hour ~1hour 30minutes

Calf / Ankle

Slim calf and thin ankle makes the S-line complete.
Understanding the cause of the calf’s thickness is from the muscle or the fat is important to know and also important to select what kind of surgery will fit.

The scar Incision area will be inside area if the knee and minimized incision will be made inside area of the ankle for the scar not to be shown.

Method selected if the muscle is big
Quick operation time (10minutes),
restraining the muscle movement and
inducing the muscle reduction.

If the fat is a lot and
the combined muscle is
also a lot, it is selected.Neat liposuction
is required not to make it uneven.

Method selected when the muscle is big.
By using the high frequency energy,
blocking the nerve which is going to
the calf muscle.Only blocking the area which
doesn’t give harm while moving,
lasts longer than the drug treatment.

Recommending for these people

If you want high completeness effect and wants slim calf & ankle

If irregular and fat distribution is not pretty

If you have worries even you exercise and do diet, calf & ankle skin problem isn’t solved

Points of reduction malarplasty

  • Special pouring management

    Through medical LED, high-frequency, ultrasonic waves and etc,
    we will help you recover comfortably.

  • Special elasticity management

    About body line, not only body shape but also the elasticity
    is important. Elasticity will be recovered with our fine
    selected procedure, endermologie, high-frequency, and etc.

There may be side effects such as bleeding, infection depending on the person. The patient should pay a close attention about the surgery’s side effect, and the accurate information about the surgery for in case is negative result.