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Dr’s Academic works


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제목 2018 ISAPS(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) in Miami 2018-12-11 10:43:13
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ISAPS2018 was held at Miami, the US, from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2018.

ISAPS(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) is a world-class organization composed of plastic surgery specialists and share know-hows through regular academic conferences.

Grace Plastic Surgery’s Chief Dr. Moon-seop​ Choi made presentation on MINT Lifting and BellaGel Micro M breast surgery under the subject of “Innovative & Revolutionary”on this occasion.

Grace Plastic Surgery’s Chief Dr. Moon-seop Choi has been participating in various academic activities in anti-aging and breast surgery, and is continuing his research.

​Since the ISAPS conference is a gathering of plastic surgeons from all over the world, it was a great opportunity to meet with experts from various countries.

During this conference, Dr. Choi spent a lot of time with Patricia McGwire, a renowned breast implants plastic surgeon in the U.S. talking about BellaGel Micro M and sharing experiences.

Grace Plastic Surgery will make ceaseless effort to lead anti-aging area and breast surgery.


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